This is a copy of a page from one of Joseph Rakofsky's websites, preserved for educational purposes. Note the pictures of the grey-haired lawyerly looking guys, neither of whom is Joseph Rakofsky (who is pictured here); the reference to Connecticut (where Rakofsky appears not to be licensed), including in the header, which says, "Rakofsky Law Firm P.C. is located in Greenwich, CT"; the listing of types of cases that Mr. Rakofsky has "worked on"; the listing of Mr. Borzouye and Mr. Grigsby as members of the firm (Rakofsky appears to be a solo); and the claim to "the best defense in town."

Mr. Rakofsky has since removed the site.

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About Rakofsky Law Firm P.C.

Joseph Rakofsky

Mr. Rakofsky has worked on cases involving Murder, Embezzlement, Tax Evasion, Civil RICO, Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Wire Fraud, Conspiracy, Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking, Grand Larceny, Identity Theft, Counterfeit Credit Card Enterprise and Aggravated Harassment. Following graduation from law school, he worked for one of the biggest civil litigation firms on the east coast and has worked for boutique white-collar criminal defense firms in Manhattan. During law school, Mr. Rakofsky interned at the Legal Aid Society (in Suffolk County). Prior to studying law, Mr. Rakofsky studied Economics and interviewed at a well-respected investment bank with branches all over the world.  Prior to law school, Mr. Rakofsky earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology, concentrating his attention on DNA.

Continuing Legal Education:

Trial Technique Workshop (Trial Lawyers College with Gerry Spence), Briarwood Manor, N.Y.
Certificate of Completion, April 2010

Trial Technique Workshop (Trial Lawyers College with Gerry Spence), Briarwood Manor, N.Y.
Certificate of Completion, April 2009
Basic Trial Techniques – Boot Camp for Lawyers (CLE with NYSTLA Past President & NYSTLI Dean Emeritus, Gary B. Pillersdorf), New York City, N.Y., (5 weeks: November 3, 10, 17, 24 and December 1, 2009)

DWI Cases on Long Island (CLE at Suffolk Academy of Law), Hauppauge, N.Y., (January 2009)

Updates on DWI Law in New York (CLE with Peter Gerstenzang), New York City, N.Y., (March 2009)

NYSBA Annual Meeting 2010 (Tax Section), New York City, N.Y. (January 2010)
Enforcement Issues

Trial Technique Instructional Courses (Video)  
“Terrifying Trial Tactics” with Terence MacCarthy (specializing in white-collar crime in Chicago), “Impeachment of Witnesses & Cross-examination” with Terence MacCarthy, “Killer Cross-Examination” with Terence MacCarthy, Gerry Spence on “How to Win in Opening Statements,” Gerry Spence on “Cross-examination,” Irving Younger on “Hearsay,” etc.


New York State Trial Lawyers Association (2009-2010)
American Bar Association (2006-Present)


Sherlock Grigsby, Esq.

Mr. Grigsby practices Federal Criminal Defense, has experience in a multitude of Corporate and Contractual matters and is skilled in Security Clearance. He is an expert in defending Domestic Violence matters.

Mr. Grigsby is admitted in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, United States District Court for the District of Columbia and the United States Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals.

He is a University of Mississippi School of Law alumnus, earned a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Yale University and is a member of the American Bar Association and the Bar Association of the District of Columbia.

Richard Borzouye, Esq.

Mr. Borzouye has acquired expertise in white collar criminal defense and handles all felony and misdemeanor offenses ranging from violent crimes, drug crimes, weapon crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes.

Mr. Borzouye has considerable experience in business & complex commercial litigation on both State & Federal levels

Mr. Borzouye has acquired a high profile for his representation in criminal & civil cases including Moustakis vs. Christie's & CBS Paramount, U.S. vs. Brooks, People of the State of New York vs. East Coast Capital Co., LLC, Twelve Inches Around Corp. vs. Cisco Systems, Commonwealth of Pennslyvania vs. Ford and for his involvement representing the Benhuri Family, as spokesman, following the highly publicized plane crash into their Upper East Side building by the late New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle.

Shahid Mahmood

Mr. Mahmood has been an in-court representative in the Metropolitan Area of New York for 3 years and specializes in all matters relating to Bankruptcy and Immigration. He has worked in the County Clerk's office of New York County as a paralegal. Mr. Mahmood has earned numerous degrees, among which are a Master of Laws (LL.M), a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), a Master of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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